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Pilot trainer IFR pack

This FlyGoo Application-Group is made for IFR pilots and students to learn and practice instrument flying.

It’s an interactive IFR trainer system with useful flying practices and IFR simulators.


  • ADF + RMI Instructor (free)
  • VOR + ILS Instructor
  • HSI Instructor
  • IFR Simulator
  • Holding pattern instructor

“FlyGoo Instructor” system will lead you through 8-11 modules in the following categories:

  • Interactive learning system (the FlyGoo way)
  • Flying practices (to put all in practice)
  • IFR Simulator (for students to learn, instructors to teach IFR flying)

The Simulator module offers a flexible flight training environment to create any conditions of instrument flying:

Simulator features:

  • heading control / (directional gyro)
  • speed control
  • course selector
  • DME
  • radial help
  • hide mode
  • random location change
  • IFR cockpit
  • extra aircraft instruments: VOR, ADF, RMI, HSI, DME
  • course selector, OBS, CDI
  • task mode (instrument approach – ready to fly)
  • wind simulation
  • runway mode
  • trace mode

The ‘step by step’ system will teach you how to use IFR instruments in real flying conditions.

Enjoy the app & FLY SAFE!

The FlyGoo Team.