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App logoPilot Logbook International – by FlyGoo

Thanks everyone for making FlyGoo Apps so successful, with over 100 000 downloads.

Why FlyGoo Logbook?
We have 9 reasons:

1, “Fully international & approved”
It’s specially designed to be accepted worldwide as an official flight log.
FlyGoo e-logbook is regularly updated according to EASA and FAA requirements.

2, “Just continue”
At first use, insert your flight history from previous logbook and continue.
It’s easy and quick.

3, “World airport data offline”
Find more than 16 000 airports worldwide by name, location or ICAO code! You can use all data offline.

4, “100% adaptive structure”
Form it as you like, whether you are a hobby, military, CPL or airline pilot.
Select unique columns to make your logbook fit your needs.

5, “Intelligent search”
Use the auto-filter function to search easily in your history.
List and order your flights by any aspect.

6, ” Intelligent auto-fill”
Don’t waste time on typing! The system will remember your specifications and auto-fill them for you.

7, “Multi device manage & print”
You are free to export your flight data and manage them on any computer.
Set it according to CAA requirements, print only what you need.
It’s compatible with Excel, Numbers, Libre office and more.

8, “Save, backup and restore”
You can backup or restore anytime on any IOS device via mail or iCloud.
FlyGoo will save all your details and settings.

9, We have more modules than any other logbook on the market.

In Free version you have 3 days to try.
Pilot Logbook Pro version is Unlimited.

Enjoy the app and FLY SAFE!
The FlyGoo team.