Pilot friendly trainer app, that offers fun, new ways

to gain IFR proficiency

We’ve created IFR Flight Trainer that allow you to learn IFR arrival and approach procedures less time – from your phone!

With IFR Flight Trainer, you are two taps away from practicing holding patterns, radial interceptions, DME arcs, or two needle tracking in real time wherever you are. Open the app, choose the type of procedure you want to practice, and start flying!

Download the app today and learn all IFR secrets.

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IFR FLIGHT TRAINER is a well-designed instrument procedure trainer for every AVIATION PILOTS, both newbie, doing his initial nav training and experienced avionics captain, BUT it also a good tool if you are about to acquire an IR (Instrument Rating) or just brush up your IFR skills.

IFR Flight Trainer app from Miklós Bihari on Vimeo.

It is a unique navigation app both in simplicity and operability.

The AVIONICS INSTRUMENTS available are: VOR, RMI, HSI, ADF, DME the Directional Gyro and the airspeed indicator.

COCKPIT/MAP: Use the cockpit mode to orientate or use the map mode to check you progress. If needed, the aircraft can be easily moved to a new position by drag and drop to practice instrument approach procedure particular from a different position.APPROACH PROCEDURE: IFR FLIGHT TRAINER will help you a lot to learn how to track a radial, how to intercept a radial outbound, inbound, how to fly a DME arc, and so on. It is a great way for avionics student to prepare and get to know the navigation procedure inside out!

WIND: If you are a pilot student start off with no wind to get comfortable with it, and increase the difficulty level later on by adding more. The wind is displayed on separate screen – to add a challenge, the displayed wind can also be hidden.

Of course, you can create your own procedures, for example a holding pattern you expect to fly during your check flight, and adjust the wind to reflect actual or expected conditions.

IFR FLIGHT TRAINER offers a flexible flight training environment to create any conditions of instrument flying. If you would like to check your IFR flying approach, look at one of the IFR FLIGHT TRAINER’s in-built tasks.


  • Use the instrument on the cockpit like you would do in the real aircraft or
  • Use the map mode to verify your progress
  • Choose between VOR and NDB navigation and use carefully designed instruments
  • The interactive training system contains the following instruments: RMI, HIS, Directional gyro, DME, Airspeed indicator and ADF
  • Customize your own missions by creating holding patterns and adjusting the wind how you want, or test your knowledge through different in-built tasks
  • Do you want to change the aircraft’s position? Just drag & drop the aircraft symbol
  • Aircraft track trail can be displayed, or suppressed
  • Wind simulation: start with no wind and increase the difficulty level later on by adding wind
  • Use the hidden plane function to add a realistic challenge
  • Radio beacons can be easily moved to a new position by drag and drop to practice instrument approach procedure
  • Practice IFR flying procedure by starting over and over again from different random starting positions using the random reposition button

Our approach to instrument flying is unique. See how we help you to learn (if you are an instructor to teach) IFR navigation. Prepare yourself without wasting expensive flight- or simulator time. Download our pilot friendly app now to gain instrument pilot proficiency.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try out our PILOT TRAINER IFR PACK too. This interactive IFR FLIGHT TRAINER app is a step by step’ system, which will teach you how to use IFR instruments in real flying conditions.

Enjoy the app & FLY SAFE!

The FlyGo Aviation team.

IFR FLIGHT TRAINER is available for Apple iPhone and iPad (Universal App) and Android.

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IFR Flight Trainer

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by Henry_1996 – May 24, 2017 ★★★★
Challenge yourself bby increasing the difficulty level and make your way till you understand every aspect of flying. This app is the best on the App Store.

by Redhatlady1 – May 7, 2017 ★★★★★
Excellent starter app for newbies interested in learning. Really enjoyed practicing with this app!

by Frank.Martinez – May 24, 2017 ★★★★
I don’t think any other app provides the radial tracking or flying DME arc. IFR is the best for training purpose.