IFR Flight Simulator

This FlyGoo product is multifunction IFR trainer for flight navigation.
The interactive training system contains the following instruments:

  • VOR
  • HSI
  • Directional gyro
  • DME
  • Airspeed indicator
  • RMI, ADF and more

It offers a flexible flight training environment to create any conditions of instrument flying.

Nav trainer basic functions:

  • heading control / (directional gyro)
  • speed control
  • course selector
  • DME
  • radial help
  • hide mode
  • random location change

Flight simulator PRO version (in-app purchase)

  • IFR cockpit
  • extra aircraft instruments
  • course selector, OBS, CDI
  • task mode (instrument approach – ready to fly)
  • wind simulation
  • runway mode
  • trace mode

Nav trainer – instrument navigation for pilots. We recommend it for students to learn and instructors to teach IFR flying.

Enjoy the app & FLY SAFE!

The FlyGoo team.