About Us

You’ve already taken a look at our applications, but now you wonder about the team which is behind the FlyGo apps.


Say no more, here’s our brief introduction:

Our continuously growing team consist of both professional pilots and creative developers. In order for us to create a useful product for pilots, both are neccessary.

The pilots always have a demand for a new application or feature, and our developers create the perfect product for them.

As you can see, we are not a simple developer company, but much more than that.

The FlyGo company in numbers

flgo, aviation, certificate

certified pilots tests our applications
(both commercial and private pilot licences)

flgo, aviation, pilots

hours of flight experience

flgo, aviation, software development

hours of software development

Our effort resulted more than


and several partners worldwide






When creating FlyGo applications, we are not just developing it, but implementing and continously testing it.

  • We fly to get the idea
  • We fly to be able to define the problem
  • We fly to test the application and the features
  • We fly to make sure that the result is flawless


All of these and much more are what make our applications as perfect as precise as a flight instrument. Enjoy our apps and FLY safe!

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